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The environment which hits (Eco-friendly), New and renewable energy (Green energy) representative enterprise. Welcomes SUNGIL SOLED CO., LTD. home page visit with sincerity.

SUNGIL SOLED CO., LTD. since then 1995 establishment until present time walked the road of sustained creative renovation and challenge and came. Our company renovation product and up-to-date technique soak into deep to road site and public facilities field and They are guiding the environment which hits (eco-friendly) on the human being ang environment of digital age are understood.

SUNGIL SOLED CO., LTD. proclaimed a new perspective in 2010 trade name change, rejumped as the environment which hits (Eco-friendly) the new and renewable energy (Green energy) representative enterprise declaration. The street light which uses LED where is a nexxt generation illuminant and the viewable illumination product and a solar power thchnique developed the environmental energy product which hits.

Based on our piles up technique and experience by the domestic marker and export of 30 foreign countries, We promise to vorn again for the global new and renewable energy (Green energy) representative enterprise and suits in demand of the customer by the continuous technical development and maintenance of quality and make customer profitably with our promise to grow as the enterprise which opens a new future.

President Byung Ho Kim