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LED street light

Product image

LED street light image

Product features
  • The maximum cooling efficiency by using of special designed Aluminum heat-sink block.
  • This is low power consumption and high efficiency product so guarantee the great energy saving effect.
  • This is eco-friendly product without mercury and any toxic gas material by using of the next generation light LED.
  • Keep over 90% efficiency product
  • Secure product stability for making of protection circuit for over current, over voltage, over temperature and short
  • Observe world safety regulation for lighting with high reliability.
  • No need the special heat-proof plat and 3.1kg light weight to compare with the existing LED light.
  • It has ventilation hole in the middle and make the structure of self heat-proof through air dynamic convection curent phenomenon
  • It has 360˚degree phototropism structure by many sides luminous techniques.
Model No. SL50(50W) SL70(70W)
Lighting fixture 865 x 360 (mm) 957 * 440 (mm)
Lamp 50W(LED5W * 16pcs) 70W(LED5W x 20pcs)
Pole material
Steel, stainless Stee,l stainless
Pole size ∮114 x 6000 (mm) ∮114 x 6000 (mm)
In-put Voltage 100~260V, 50~60Hz 100~260V, 50~60Hz
Beam angle 120deg 120deg
Luminous efficacy 70(lm/W) 70(lm/W)
Life time(hrs) 50,000 50,000
Model No. SLC-60 SLE-80
Size(mm) 575X240X60 ∮380X142.5
Weight(kg) 8.2kg 3.1kg
Input voltage(V) 90-265 100~240
Luminous flux(lm) 5,400 6,950
Efficiency (lm/W) 90 85~91
Beam angle 130˚ 180˚
Color temper (K) 4,500~7,500 4,500~8,300
Color renderig 75 75
IP class 방수등급 IP65 IP65
Life time 수명(hr) 30,000~50,000 30,000~50,000
Working temper -30℃~60℃ -30℃~60℃
Power consumption 60 80
Material Aluminum Aluminum