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    SM609. Solar road stud (Filled up type)

    Automatic bright solar system without electric power.

    What is the Automatic bright solar system

    This product receives solar energy through the solar cell which is equipped inside of the product and it charges
    a battery with the solar energy and when it is sundown or rainy day and the bright of around is dark under the normal luminous intensity,this product is luminous antomatically by the sensor of LED lamp. You can use it by semi-permanent and specially it is working excellent bright on the night time so it is very suitable system to use on the road of dangerous sector, a walk in the park or bicycle way.

    Product Image

    SM609. Solar road stud image

    Solar road stud size
    Division SM609 Solar road stud (2way) SM609 Solar road stud (1way)
    Size ∮125 x 46(mm)
    ∮125 x 46(mm)
    LED Lamp ∮10 x 10,000mcd ∮10 x 10,000mcd
    Solar cell 2.5Volts x 250mA 2.5Volts x 250mA
    LED bright type steady type steady type
    Battery 1.2v x 2,500mA 1.2v x 2,500mA
    Discharge Amount 10mA/hr 10mA/hr
    Continuous bright time 120hr(10days) 120hr(10days)
    Material body : aluminum / cap : P.C body : aluminum / cap : P.C
    Product Feature
    • This product is installed on balanced with the surface of road so it is completely solved product for the matter of breakdown when it is in case of snow removing work in the winter season.
    • This product is keeping the safety driving by the automatic bright in case of night time, fog, rainy or nasty weather.
    • When you install this product at a walk in the park or bicyle way, it is working very execllent bright so it makes so beautiful view and more safety and comfortable atmosphere.
    • After one time full charge, you can use this product for over 10 days continuously in the bad weather or rainy season without any charge.
    • To solve problems arsing from battery out by the long time delivery or keeping after production, it is used REED switch in the circuit and attached magnetic bar on the body of the product so it prevents battery out by cut off from the sourec of electric power and it will bright immediately to tear off the magnetic bar without extra charging.
    • This product is equipped Cut-off system which makes no discharge under 1.0 Volt for the voltage of battery so it makes the battery more safety working and high performance enough.
    • When you need to A/S, release the six bolts on the upper part of the product and disassemble the cap, you can change the inside parts and cap easily so can use it for being semi-permanent
    Construction case