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Solar Product

sm608.Solar road pot

Product Images

sm608.Solar road pot images

Solar Product size
Division SM608 Double side(2way) SM608 Single side(1way)
Size ∮145 x 24(mm)
∮145 x 24(mm)
Spike size ∮30 x 55mm ∮30 x 55mm
L.E.D ∮10 x 2000mcd x 4ea ∮10 x 2000mcd x 2ea
L.E.D color White, Amber, Red White, Amber, Red
Bright type Steady, Flickering Steady, Flickering
Product Feature
  • It is equipped with high grade L.E.D lamp and it will be possible to distinguish easily on the long distance(over 300m)
  • It is made of high strength aluminum raw material and minimize the effect of friction by a streamline shape and strengthen the durability from outside impact.
  • It is used L.E.D cover by one body type so it makes water-proof completely and attached the reflex mirror on the bottom of the cap so it keeps excellent reflective power.
  • It is used cell cover by the flat surface and used strong rib on the lower part to support the cell cover so strengthen the durability of cell cover.
  • To solve many problems arising from battery out by the long time delivery or keeping after production it is used magnet switch in the circuit and attached magnet bar on the body of road stud so it prevents battery out by cut off from the source of electric power and it will bright immediately to tear off the magnet bar without extra charging.
  • To improve the temperature weakness for the battery, it is used plastic foaming material which put the battery inside and made some space so keeping out the outside temperature from the battery and it strengthen the durability of battery.
  • It is equipped with automatic with sensor and if it is dark under the normal luminous intensity, it is luminous and if is bright over the normal luminous intensity, it is lights out automatically.
Model No. SM608A SM608B
Size dimension Body : ∮145 x 24mm
Spike :∮30 x 55mm
Body : ∮145 x 24mm
Spike :∮30 x 55mm
Bright Type Steady Flickering
L.E.D Lamp (White,Red,Amber) ∮10 / 2,000mcd x 4pcs ∮10 / 2,000mcd x 4pcs
Battery 2200mA x 1.2V 1ea 2200mA x 1.2V 1ea
Solar Cell 4.0 Volts 70mA/hr 4.0 Volts 70mA/hr
L.E.D discharge amount 10mA/hr 5mA/hr
Continuous bright time 72hr(6days) 144hr(12days)
Material Body:Aluminum / Cap:P.C Body:Aluminum / Cap:P.C
Construction case