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Solar Product

Solar street light

Product Image

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Product features
  • Pollution-free by using of eco-friendly energy of infinite sun's ray.
  • No electric power & no electric charges by using solar energy.
  • Automatic light up under the regular intensity of illumination and automatic light out at the same time of sunrise.
  • No repair & maintenance by using sealed solar battery box.
  • The system stabilization by adapting of prevention function of overcharge, over discharge, reversal of current.
Product use(the location installation)
  • Park walk, Athletic park, Seaside villa
  • Public hall, Government building
  • Garden, Country house, Summer house,
  • islands area without common use of electric facilities.
  • The difficult place of power connection.
Model No. SS020 SS030 SS050
Solar cell(Module) 20V x 4A(80W)
670 x 985 x 30(mm)
20V x 6A(120W)
1165 x 830 x 30(mm)
20V x 5A x 2pcs(200W)
1140 x 670 x 30(mm) 2pcs
Bettery 12V x 100A 12V x 150A 24V x 100A
Lamp 20W (LED5W x 4EA) 30W (LED3W x 10EA) 50W (LED5W x 10EA)
Compare with incandescent lamp 200W Class 300W Class 500W Class
Protection voltage 14.4V / 10.2V 14.4V / 10.2V 28.8V / 20.4V
Light pole 4~5m(스Steel, Stainless) 4~5m(Steel, Stainless) 5m(Steel, Stainless)
Using hour(1day charge) 2.5days 2.5days 2.5days
Max using hour(full charge) 5days 5days 5days